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  • > Serra Amarela in the Site of Community Importance - Peneda-Gerês

Contributing to the recovery of priority habitat 9580 * Mediterranean Taxus baccata Woods


This project is co-funded by LIFE Programme — European Comission

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  • The “Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods” Iberian Workshop
    The “Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods” Iberian Workshop carried out under the Project LIFE+ LIFE12 NAT/PT/000950 Taxus – Restoring yew thickets [9580* Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods] took place in Manteigas, at the Civic Centre Auditorium of the Municipal Council. The event was organized in collaboration with the Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) and the Municipal Council of Manteigas. The workshop was attended by 66 participants. This Workshop aimed to present the results of the Life Taxus project and to discuss the state of yew thickets in Continental Portugal. These ancient thickets in which Taxus baccata L. is the…


Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza


LIFE12 NAT/PT/000950